Thursday, June 20, 2013

a pain in the pool party

The other day we were invited to our ward high-counsel-guy's house for a pool party.
It was a dangerous night. 
Soon after this picture was taken, Ethan scraped the tops of both his feet in the pool and had to sit out the rest of the party on a chair, dabbing his wounds with napkins because his cuts wouldn't stop bleeding.

Soon after this picture was taken, Ashley was attacked by a pack of rabid red ants. She had to sit out the rest of the party crying because her feet immediately blistered up with about 15 nasty bumps, and she could barely walk for a few days. I think the scars (emotional and physical) might last a good portion of the summer.
Luckily this guy escaped the party un-hurt. But too bad for him, he's now cut his foot twice in our pool over several days this past week. I guess he just swam too fast at the party, and the injuries that should have happened at the pool party finally caught up to him.

We were lucky, though. The lot across from this family's house had a recent, giant, deep sink hole that swallowed a good portion of the property. So the party could have gone much, much worse...

Despite all the trauma, it was a fun party, and I loved getting to know this family better. They're the kind of people I'd want to hang out with all the time if they didn't live 20 minutes away. And Chris couldn't stop moaning over how good the slow-smoked beef brisket was. Seriously. I think he had visions of juicy, reddish beef dancing around in his head for a week. It was just that good.

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