Monday, June 24, 2013

bubble snakes

Saturday morning our ward had a service project to spread mulch all over the trees and flower beds. We were shoveling and wheel-barrowing wood chips around in the hot morning humidity for about four hours straight. Luckily someone brought Gatorade in an ice chest, and even though I'm not a fan, it definitely kept our energy up a little. And the kids were excited to drink it because...I'm not a fan. So they never get to drink the gross stuff.

The kids loved the service project. Ethan likes to work hard when he gets a chance. It must make him feel like a man or something. Josh just had fun running around. Ashley said she liked making a difference in the world -- she kept saying she felt like those kids on Disney Channel's Make Your Mark commercials.

When we got home, Josh asked me to cut the bottom off of his Gatorade bottle so he could blow big bubbles. We did that, then I added a bonus sock to the end of it, and they were amazed when it started making a bubble snake. Mom is so cool, thanks to Pinterest.

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