Monday, June 17, 2013

museum musings and butterfly births

Whenever we don't have anything else to do, and we need to get out of the house, we head to the museum.
 How sweet are these boys? They argue a lot, but when they aren't arguing, they are such great friends.

These giant butterflies (moths?) looked fake, hanging around on that net. But one of them would occasionally shift and they would all stir for a minute. They also pooped out hard little balls that bounced all around.

We were pretty lucky because we arrived right when a butterfly decided to come out of its cocoon. The kids stood patiently at the window for about twenty minutes watching the cocoon wiggle, then break open before the butterfly climbed out.
 The kids designed their own fancy paddles, then pretended to use them in the pretend canoe at the pretend lake.

There's a grass hut the kids don't like going into because it's dark and musty, and there's thunder and lightning inside. When the lightning strikes, the back wall lights up for a second and you can see something (not sure what, exactly) happening in the background. A girl getting ready for a wedding, maybe?

 Ethan said he was looking at a baby starfish through the microscope. It doesn't look like a starfish to me, but it's hard to say...

  Josh De'Leon and his groupies, who will never get old.

  I'm glad I haven't seen most of these bugs in my apartment. Maybe only a few of them.

 The museum recently put up some larger-than-life images of local water scenes on the giant windows. They are beautiful and make you feel like you're at an aquarium. The one above is hard to see, but it's a manatee. There's also an alligator and a woman swimming.

Then my kids were eaten by a Jaws.
Even though we've been to the museum a million times, they thought this day was especially special because they were able to watch a butterfly appear. It was, once again, the best. day. ever.

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  1. oh how I miss museums like this, and libraries, and cafe rio salad... :) Looks like a really fun outing! and I loved the Fountain of Youth picture! :)