Monday, June 24, 2013

the jags are in the house

The boy's scout activity the other day was to go to the mall to meet the famous Jacksonville Jaguars. When I heard that, the first thing I said was, "Who?"...then I said, "Cool activity!" 
 I didn't go to this, but Chris did, since he is the new cub scout leader in our ward. In fact, our group is so small that they invited Josh to officially join, even though he isn't 8 yet. He walked around in his cub scout shirt for a few days straight saying things like, "Can you believe I'm a cub scout, mom? And I don't suck my thumb any more?"
 The boys were so excited to get autographs from these famous guys they'd never heard of. It was great!

 Here's Ethan, not making eye contact with the famous guy he's never heard of.

 See how big Josh is? He's a cub scout, and he doesn't suck his thumb, and he can write in his journal without any help.

 The Cheerleaders decided to be modest for the scout group, and put their jackets on. How nice of them.

 Our amazing scout leaders. I love and appreciate these guys (and gal!) SO much. They are energetic and excited to hang out with our crazy boys, and they always come up with interesting things to do.

Interesting things, like getting ice cream after meeting famous guys they've never heard of. Another best. night. ever!

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