Saturday, August 3, 2013

a little reunion

While we were in Utah last month, one of my best friends from high school happened to be in town at the same time. Carleen's husband was hosting a reunion for his university graduating class -- because that's what you get to do the rest of your life when you were once a student body president. While they were in reunion mode, they decided to hold a get-together for friends and family who wanted to come say hello.

So we met them at the park and had fun introducing our kids to each other and reuniting with each other.

Josh said he had a lot in common with her son Malcom. "He loved Cars 2 and Cars, and I love Cars 2 and Cars. We both love it." So many similar interests.
This is only a small portion of Carleen's friends. She's good at making and keeping friends. It's a talent :)

Carleen's youngest daughter looked so much like a mini-Carleen. She was too cute. I kind of wanted to see her to the Sha-poopie, the way Carleen did when I first met her, way back when we were 15.

It was nice that my brother's family came, too. Makenna and Ashley always have fun hanging out together.

And we joked that some day Carleen's daughter and Ashley would be roommates, just like we were. We have their futures all planned out for them...

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