Thursday, August 8, 2013

a little thing I like to call "camping"

The quotation marks in the title are necessary. We didn't really go camping, we went "camping" -- at a water park. We squished ourselves into a campground with 3.999 thousand other people, set up a tent, (went swimming in a dirty pool and then went water sliding for a while) cooked over a "fire" and slept in sleeping bags. But it was so much fun. And it was what my brother wanted to do for his birthday. The photo-bomber in the picture below :)
We stretched a cord from car to car so we could dry out our wet towels and swimsuits. Because we're classy camping neighbors like that.
The nightly entertainment was this blues/country-singing kid (the one with the hat, singing into the mic) who we couldn't tell if he/she was a girl or a boy. It was a game for about an hour until we got tired of his/her high-pitch voice and repetitive chords. But the boy/girl was talented -- someday you might see his/her name in lights somewhere. If we knew what his/her name was.

After the classy concert we went back to our classy laundry-strewn campsite where we roasted smores over our camp stove "fire" and then went to bed. Luckily it counted as camping for Ethan's scouting program. Because I'm not super excited to camp in The Swamp. Unless it's at a water park.

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