Saturday, August 3, 2013

first hike in 2 years

So, living here at sea level in The Swamp has made us wimps. We're not afraid to admit it. There aren't many hills, and "hikes" are really just nature walks. No exertion needed.

When Chris's sister invited us on a real hike with her family, I was a bit worried. Our lungs weren't used to the altitude anymore. But we all wanted to go.  
 It was a nice overcast day, with rain coming later in the forecast. Everyone laughed because we were wearing sweat shirts. I told you, the Swamp has made us wimpy.

 Half way through the couple-mile hike, Chris and I had to stop for a while. We were winded, and a bit dizzy, so we did what any winded and dizzy person would do. We took pictures of each other being winded and dizzy.

The cousins waited up at the top for us. Totally un-winded and un-dizzy.
There were so many mosquitoes up at the top that we only enjoyed the view for a minute before we decided to head back down with our itching bites and crying Maggie (who face-planted off a boulder while she was trying to rock climb like the big kids). In this picture, you can see Maggie crying and Ethan spraying bug spray on Jeremy. It was lovely at the top. But it did make us swamp-dwellers miss the mountains.

Going down was much easier, luckily, and Chris and I didn't have to stop and take pictures of ourselves being winded and dizzy again.

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