Wednesday, August 21, 2013

good things for Ethan

Ethan has been enjoying middle school this week. He brought home lots of permission slips for field trips he'll take in the next few weeks. The kids will go on several hikes through the woods, a pool party at the park that is right next to the school, and another walk to look at a bunch of solar-system statues nearby.

I was a little bit worried about him not getting into band, having to take PE instead, but he's really excited about it. They get to swim for the first quarter, and he loves to swim. So I think he'll be okay :)

In other news, we took a walk to the natural history museum because the kids wanted to spend their money in the gift shop. Josh bought slimy goop in a jar, and Ethan bought a hologram-maker (or is it holograph?...). There are two bowls with mirrors on the inside, one bowl has a hole cut out of the center, and when you put something in the solid bowl and put the holey-bowl on top, it creates a hologram. You can see the real frog on the bottom, deep in the hole, and the hologram frog floating around on top.

Ethan was impressed I was able to capture something on my camera that wasn't really there. He kept saying how cool it was that I was able to take a picture of bending light. Because I have mad photography skills and am pretty much a genius. ;)

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