Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lucky 13 anniversary

I've always liked 13.
Some people think it's an unlucky number, but it's not.
Friday the 13th? Usually something good happens that day.

Now, 12. That was a bit unlucky.
Last year on our anniversary, we came home from the beach and found a letter telling us we had to move to a new (2 bedroom...) apartment for renovations, after being told we were good at our old place for at least a year longer.
Things just got weirder from there.

But it's over now,
and it's time to break out my lucky 13 goblets
(note to self: get lucky 13 goblets...)
and have a toast. 
Chris and I made it 13 years!
Not that I ever thought we wouldn't make it,
but it's pretty cool, anyway :)

We were still vacationing last month over our anniversary, so this is late being posted.
But it was a great day, full of family and fun, and even some minion cupcakes similar to{this}.
I know, totally anniversary-ish.
And the best part about being married for 13 years is that I am so happy with our relationship. I can't speak for Chris, but every day I realize how incredibly lucky I am. He's strong where I am weak (and man, I am weak!). He knows things I need to learn (and man, I need to learn a lot!). He's patient and forgiving of all my crazy craziness (and maaaan, am I crazy!). And I think I must be the same good kind of things for him, as well, because I can see the appreciation, respect, and love in his eyes, too.
Not only am I in love with Chris, but I really, really like him. Things are always better when he's around. Even doing the laundry is almost fun when he's there carrying a basket by my side. Yes, we were witty and energetic and fun before kids, and it's different now. But it feels more real, more meaningful. More content.
Back in my dating years, I got a distinct, strong feeling on every date I went on. This is someone else's husband. I knew they didn't belong to me. But when I went out with Chris, that feeling never came. In fact, the feeling I had was, I could be with this person forever and be totally happy.

That feeling was right.
I know we'll face more challenges in our future, and our faith and happiness will be tested over and over again in years to come, just as it has been over the past 13 years. But as long as we're trying to choose the right and become more Christlike in our thoughts and actions, I know we'll be okay.
I thought about sharing my wedding video (aka: the kissing movie),
but it's mostly filled with lots of kissing, and nobody but me really wants to see it.
Also, all these high-quality pictures I'm sharing were captured from that old-fashioned-non-digital video, so you've seen half of it, anyway.

I decided to show this video instead:

Check out {this} post about our first slightly awkward, but almost perfect first date.
Because who doesn't love a good love story that has a happy ending?

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