Thursday, August 15, 2013

mexican dancing and scouting

Last month on our nice long trip we went to the Church History Museum, which is having a 100 Years of Scouting in the Church exhibit. It was really interesting to learn about the role play scouts has played in the LDS church and the world.
 Josh was so proud of the paper neckerchief he made, and Grandma was nice enough to keep tying it back on every time it fell off.
Part of the exhibit is a collection of valuable Norman Rockwell paintings. My favorite is the one of the scouts praying in the yellow tent (the bottom right picture in this collage). Despite how rowdy boys can be (especially at camp!), it is always touching to me when they stop and pray, or show a deeper, more spiritual side they don't always show. It's a great painting.

The museum had places the kids could learn to tie knots, learn the flag alphabet, and watch a "flip" movie on a spinning barrel.

When we were done looking at the scout exhibit, we headed over to the children's side of the museum. Ashley loved dancing around in a traditional mexican skirt. They helped build Nephi's boat, went fishing, and checked out some replica gold plates.
Here's a video of the kids dancing. Ethan and Ashley might have a future on Dancing with the Stars...

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