Thursday, August 8, 2013

some birthday love

My mom celebrated a birthday while we were in town last month. I'm such a great daughter, I totally forgot about it until sometime around lunch when I heard her mention that it was her birthday. Bad, bad daughter who forgets every holiday that ever comes around. Even if it's on my calendar and written on my forehead in red permanent marker. 

But, it did make me feel better the next day when my mom didn't wish me a happy anniversary (go lucky 13!). Which I pretty much forgot about, too (sorry, Chris!). Holidays just aren't my thing.

But we did celebrate her birthday in a big way later that night. We had a delicious pizza dinner, a little cake, and then ba-baaam, we had fireworks. Like two of them. Left over from the 4th at my brother's house. And we had lots of left over glow sticks from the other grandparents' Grandpa Camp. So it was a real par-tay.

Josh was totally impressed that Grandma got fireworks at her party.
Because his birthday is in the spring, when fireworks are illegal.
Other wise we might have a future pyro party on our hands.

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