Wednesday, August 7, 2013

some grandpa camp hikes

 Grandpa is a big time rappeller, and wanted the grandkids to get in on the fun, too. Ashley enjoyed it, but didn't want to go back for more. Josh stayed home with Grandma. He didn't even want to try.
Ethan loved every minute of it. Except for that one time his fingers got pinched against a rock, and his bum was on the ground while his feet were in the air.
 Cousins eating lunch and enjoying each other's company.
 Chris had to make home-body Josh stop playing video games and go on a hike. You can see him lagging behind with his Gatorade. He said he drank so much, he got sick and had to be carried.
 Ashley sat this hike out, and instead chose to stay home and make fairy crafts with Grandma. But the boys made it to the top.

 Yep. This is the rock that was hard to get over. Ethan's feet ended up above his head, while his fingers got pinched in the rope. But he got over it and had a good time. He says he loves rappelling, but not quite as much as Grandpa loves it.
He's a natural outdoorsman. 

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