Wednesday, August 14, 2013

zoo day

Last month when we were visiting our families, we got to hang out at the zoo with Chris's sisters and their kids. Even though my kids are much bigger, they love hanging out with their cute little cousins.
This is what Ashley and Maggie are looking at. A sea lion (or whatever it is...) putting on a show for them. These things would swim upright until they reached the viewing window, then they'd swim past upside down.

 This cheetah (which I couldn't get a decent picture of) is pacing back and forth in front of the viewing window, then every now and then, he'd stop to eye Jeremy, who probably looked like a tasty little meal.
  The Lego company was doing some sort of promotion at the zoo (which is why Ethan really wanted to go. Wild animals?Pshhhh. Been there, done that. Wild animals made of Lego's? I have to see this!), so they had life-size polar bears and turtles and other animals made out of the blocks. Not to mention this odd photo-op made out of Lego's.
 This was the first time Josh has ever been to the zoo in his entire 7 1/2 years of life (because I'm a good mom like that). He kept nodding and saying, "Ohhh, so this is what a zoo is like!"

My favorite part was the new-to-me polar bear habitat. They've put in this cool window so you can watch him swim around. He came so close, he even bumped into the window a few times.I haven't been to this zoo in about five years. They've really improved it with better viewing windows, nicer habitats for the animals, and a new splash pad, which wasn't open yet. Nice to see some tax dollars at work in a good way (especially since they aren't my tax dollars...).

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