Monday, October 21, 2013

Ethan's first scout camp

 I guess technically it's not his first time camping with scouts. When Chris was in the YM program several years ago, they occasionally took Ethan with them.'s his first time as an official/unofficial scout. His birthday is next week, but the scouts let him come on their excursion anyway. Because there were only two scouts going from our ward (they combined with a few boys from another ward). And they're nice like that!
 There's a guy who owns a nice cabin resort near the gulf coast who happens to really like Boy Scouts, so he offers scouts to use his resort to camp out on the lawn, and then loans them his nice canoes. Chris got to go hang out with Ethan, and he said it was hard to sleep because there was a wedding at the resort the next day, so people partied all night. But he said the scenery was beautiful.
Ethan helped make breakfast, and then he was so proud because he helped wash the dishes in the fish gutting sink. I'm glad i wasn't there to watch it happen...sounds gross, washing dishes where smelly fish are dismembered.
They loaded up the canoes and headed to a river that led into the gulf. They rowed 2 miles to a little island in Pepperfish Keys and then 2 miles back.

They made it to the the little island and ate lunch before the two mile trip back to the car.
Ethan said the only scary part was when this storm suddenly blew in as they were paddling away from the island. It made him nervous, but they only got sprinkled on. They came home super tired and eaten up by bugs, but said it was really fun.

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