Monday, October 14, 2013

it's about time.

When Ethan was born, I looked forward with excitement 12 years into the future. To that amazing day I'd have a built in babysitter. Then one day, nearly 12 years in the actual future, I looked at him and thought, "What are parents thinking, letting a 12-year-old take care of a house and other human beings?"

We've left Ethan home alone (or with just Ashley, or just Josh) for an hour (give or take) at a time in the past, but never at night, and never with both Ashley and Josh home. Having those three alone together can be a brawl waiting to happen. And that's all we need is the police knocking on our door.

But we did it. Chris and I had to be gone for four hours last Saturday night, and we let Ethan take charge. We stuck The Wizard of Oz in, since it's the longest movie we own (and also because Josh really wanted to watch it, due to his recent obsession with the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid), and headed out the door. When we got back the house was exactly the way we left it, and the kids were all still alive. And no police knocked on our door.

I asked if he was nervous being in charge at night. He shrugged and said, "a little." Ashley said she was also a little nervous having Ethan be in charge for so many hours at night. Josh said he was nervous because the movie had some scary parts. When I asked if he was nervous having Ethan be in charge, he looked at me funny. I think he hardly even noticed we weren't there.

But, hallelujah! This long awaited day finally came...I have a built-in-babysitter.


  1. two more years, two more years! I can hardly wait!!! :)

  2. Only a few years more, and he'll be attending that meeting--and singing in the choir! And you won't need a babysitter for anyone. It goes so much faster than you think it will, and when that time has gone, it is gone forever. I know they are tough, tough years, but also very precious--when they're not totally unbearable. . .

    1. It's so true. I'm excited to not have to pay a babysitter ever again, but still, I look at him and wish he was five again once in a while. It does go way too fast.