Wednesday, October 2, 2013

one spooky room

Josh was obsessed last night (and the night before) about getting out the one small box of Halloween decorations. I actually love Halloween and all the spooky things that go along with it, but we didn't bring much to The Swamp, and I'm lazy and hate dragging everything out of the storage room to find decorations that will only be up for a few weeks.

Last year we had to move right before Halloween, so we didn't get our stuff out until the week before, and then we didn't even put batteries in the beloved creepy things.

After much begging, I decided to let Josh enjoy his October in all its Halloween glory, batteries in the creepy things and all.When I took these pictures this morning, it was a bright, sunny day, and there wasn't much spookiness going on, so I decided to photoshop (or picmonkey...) in some spiderwebs and ghostly ambiance.
 Ethan earned this creepy head in kindergarten. He was a good reader after the first few weeks of school, so we challenged him to read the entire Hop on Pop book. Which is easy, but totally long for a 5 year old. He decided he'd read the entire book if we bought him this head he saw in an advertisement. It's been in the family ever since, and will be lovingly passed on for generations to come. The guy moves his head around and says, "My brain hurts...where you put my body?" and also, "I not always this...I used to be good. Then master make me...make me...MONSTER!"

 Chris's mom gave us this ghost when Ethan was a baby. It has a high pitched, somewhat creepy voice that says, "Boo! Did I scare you?" and also, "Haaaappy Halloweeeeen!" and also, "Trick or treat, give me something good to eat...heeheeheeheehee." It uses a motion sensor (just like the body-less head), and it goes off at random times and startles us. Chris's sisters also recieved one for their college apartment, and if I remember things right, they got rid of it because they were afraid they'd wake up in the night and find it standing by their bed (probably with a knife or ax in hand) saying, "Boo! Did I scare you?"

 And we can't forget about the ghost that's been hanging out on our mirror for about a decade each October. He doesn't say much, but he watches everything that goes on. We also have a bottle of bubbling eyeballs that also goes off at random times. And a portrait of our long-lost ancestor who turns into a werewolf, depending on the angle you look at him. I hope I didn't inherit that gene.

When our church's trunk or treat rolls around, we like to put these things in the back of our van to scare away all the little kids so we can keep the good candy we bought. But it usually only scares away the really little kids. The big dudes just come around and around again until our delicious bag of candy is empty...guess we need some scarier decorations.

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