Thursday, October 17, 2013

the fastest draw in the south

When the kids had picture day at school a few weeks ago, they offered kids a comb. I remember them doing this when I was little too. It felt great to walk away with a brand new black comb, even if I didn't use combs. Well, for whatever reason, Josh turned down the comb when the photographer offered him one.

Then he regret his decision when he saw other kids with those super cool black combs in their pockets.

He talked about it for days. He wished he had a comb. He wished I would buy him one. So the other day Chris pulled one of the long black combs out of our hair-cutting kit and gave it to Josh. He was so excited he sat down immediately and built a holster for his comb so he could wear it all the time and draw it out quickly whenever he needed his hair fixed.

And he really did wear it all the time. Even to our church choir practice. And he really did draw the comb out quickly. So much that it ripped and he had to tape it a few times. And he really did comb his hair with it. So much that it was nice and flat against his head.

It was quite impressive. His mother must be so proud.

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