Thursday, October 31, 2013

trick and trunk or treating

 Our village decided to have all of the Halloween festivities last night. I'm not sure why, because in the past it's always been on Halloween (which only makes sense). So the kids did their trick-or-treating last night, right before our ward's trunk-or treat activity. In the above picture, the kids posed with our wonderful friends from Suriname, Iwan and Isabella, who happened to stop by while I was taking the picture.
 This village doesn't have too many people who do trick or treating, so the kids only went to about six homes. Whoever wants to participate hangs a sign on their front door, and most doors were blank. Luckily there was a party afterwards at the church.
I went as Super Frazzled Mom, with a baby pinned to my shirt, mismatched shoes, and ratty hair (which you can't see in this picture). My post-it-notes say, "places to go" and "things to do" and "things to remember." I tried to draw bags under my eyes, but it looked like someone beat me up. I tried to wash it off and it just left real bags under my eyes. It was a nice touch...

 Ashley and Josh jumped in and played all of the games. Ethan Disappeared behind the fishing booth to help put treats on the line. Sorry for all the blurry pictures. Most of the lights were off in the gym, except for a few strings of lights here and there. My camera didn't love that, I guess. But they're great memories anyway!

 Since Ethan decided to go as a missionary, We got pictures with both sets of elders. The men-in-black elders and the sister elders. They all said Ethan needed a companion. But Ethan did use the scriptures he carried around all night to ward off a vampire. Phew...good thing he was carrying them.
 This was a "spook alley" where the kids got to reach into the cauldron and figure out what they were touching. Pretty creepy.
Then it was time for trunk-or-treating. The kids went from car to car, around the parking lot, over and over and over, until everyone's candy ran out and it was time to go home. My kids didn't even go around as many times as other kids did, and we still ended up with a load of candy. And when I ran out, sweet Josh decided to give candy from his own bag of loot away.

There are always so many creative cars. The one right across from us was a hatchback (I think?) and it had a black bag across the entire trunk. Kids had to reach into a hole in the bag to get their treat, and then someone in the car grabbed their hand. It was so funny to watch everyone's reactions.

Since our Halloween festivities are all over now, we might snuggle up, eat all the candy, and watch The Croods tonight. Grandma sent us that movie in Ethan's birthday box and we haven't seen it yet. It will be a fun Halloween.

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