Tuesday, October 1, 2013

we had the blues

This is an old picture of Chris and I in Chicago on the pier swings. But I just wanted to show you what you all looked like when you skyped us in the last few weeks. Our 11 year old computer screen was acting like it was going to die, flickering between regular color and this awful bluish-greenish color.

After a while it was pretty much always this color. It gave us a headache to look at it. All of my recipes looked awful and I didn't want to cook any of them. Chris started looking around on line at new computers, but we didn't want to spend that money.

Then the other day Ethan said, "Whenever I close the keyboard shelf the screen color goes back to normal." My super smart brain then said, "hmm...if it flickers when it's bumped, maybe the wires are just loose." So I started to mess around with the cords and *cue magic harp sounds* it worked! The screen is fine! We don't need a new monitor. Hooray!

To make things even better, the same day we fixed our color, our community internet router was fixed and it wasn't dial-up speed anymore. Double hooray! Now I can update the blog again :)

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