Monday, November 11, 2013

some cool Ethan news

 Ethan passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday. It was a great mom moment, watching my careful deacon try so hard to not spill the water. Yesterday he also was called as Deacon's Quorum President, and received his first temple recommend. It was a big day all around.
He's also become excited about family history. The other day he and Chris sat at the computer for a few hours and searched for branches of Chris's side of the family tree. They found out we're related to a bunch of kings, a saint, and a character in a Shakespeare play. Not to mention, a bunch of vikings.
He would run into the room where I was reading a book, and shout, "We're related to this king!" or "We're related to that Princess!" or "We're related to that guy with the really long funny name!" Then he'd run back to the computer and add them to his family tree on

It's rewarding as a mom to watch him grow and enjoy these things that are so important to our family and our religion. Seriously, deacons are the best! I highly recommend having one...


  1. How cool is that! (on both accounts). But being related to the king and a princess is totally awesome! And Ethan sounds like a perfect child right now. Lucky you for having a boy who calms down at twelve years old. I am dreading hitting 12 stage with my girls. :)

    1. actually makes me nervous a little bit with Ashley, too. Girls have a bigger emotional roller coaster, I think. That's why I prayed for more boys :) But I'll bet we'll be pleasantly surprised at how nice our girls will be as teenagers...