Thursday, November 7, 2013

veterans day program

This morning I went to watch Ashley's chorus & instrument club perform for local Korean veterans in honor of Veterans Day.
 She's enjoyed learning how to play a few instruments this year, including the little xylophone and the chimes.
Two of her best school friends, Thais and Lia, are also in the chorus and instrument groups. They are sweet, funny girls who make me smile as I watch them in the parent pick-up line after practice. They're always hugging and giggling and being so happy together. Thais is from Brazil, and Lia is from Mexico.
Ashley said that in this picture, Lia was saying, "Get my good side!" because so many parents were taking pictures.

 Ashley got in the car after chorus the other day and said in a sad voice, "I'm going to miss my school and my friends when we move." Then she said Thais is also moving in the spring, so Lia was bummed to be left behind. But at least they have a few good months to enjoy each other's company.

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