Tuesday, December 3, 2013

thanksgiving part 3: the beach and the end.

The jelly fish are hard to see, but if you look close, there are several floating around in the bucket. 
Ethan found some coral he was excited about.
 We had to take several walks/jogs to stay warm in the wind.
I stole the next three pictures from my sister because my camera's battery died.
The kids buried themselves, and then David made Ashley's mermaid fins extra fancy with sea kelp. 
 Ethan (or David) lost his head at the beach. 
Here's a man-of-war waiting to be stepped on.
Luckily nobody got hurt.
It was a great (slightly chilly) couple of hours at the beach, and a wonderful time with cousins.
Thanks Maryann and family for such a great Thanksgiving break!


  1. Oh how I wish I could go to the beach right now.... You guys are so lucky to live so close to it!

  2. We are lucky. I wish you were here at the beach with us, too! Or that we were across the ocean with you guys.