Monday, December 16, 2013

universal christmas part 1: Hogwarts

On our way to Hogwarts, we decided to surf for a minute.
I love how Josh is surfing with the Universal Studios brochure he's been carrying around for over a month.
The train conductor asked where we were from. For some reason the kids kept saying, "Utah" even though we haven't been "from" there for several years. But the conductor told us excitedly in his fake British accent that he had lots of family from that part of the world, and that we should definitely drink the butterbeer because it was non-alcoholic. 
While the bigger people rode on flying dragons, the boys figured out where to go next.
Life in The Swamp has made us so wimpy that the fake snow on the rooftops made us feel colder than we really were. Although, in our defense, it was a chilly 70* something outside.
Butterbeer mustache.
Charlie's first hippogriff ride. This was one of the few rides Josh kind of liked.
The Hogwarts ride made Josh decide this was the worst Christmas present ever. He nearly fainted when it was over. And that was after the lady at the gate promised him it wasn't scary. He talked for days about how the lady lied to him. But it was cool to tour Hogwarts classrooms and Dumbledore's office.
 If you missed the last post, you can see Ethan being chosen for a wand selection {here}. It was definitely one of the highlights of the day, and worth the wait in the long boring line to get into the crowded wand shop.

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