Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Universal Christmas part 2: Dr. Seuss land

 After traumatizing Josh at Hogwarts, we headed to a happier place to ride some not-so-scary rides and eat some super expensive hamburgers in a big-top tent.

We waited for a half-hour in a line for a ride on the slow sneeches star-on-star-off machine.
Josh said it was a "rip off" because the ride was about 2 minutes long, after waiting for so long. But at least it wasn't scary. Also, it was a ride for preschool/elementary aged kids, yet they said Charlie was too little to ride on it (even though he'd just ridden the hyppogriff roller-coaster over in Harry Potter land). It made us wonder why there were so many adults waiting in line who didn't have kids with them. 

 This Grinch was pretty amazing. He had Jim Carrey's character down solid. I wish we'd had a video of him talking to us, instead of just a picture. I love the Grinch. :)

 I wish our pictures weren't all blurry, and that I'd stopped to take more pictures of the cousins having fun together, but at least we have pictures to remember a few little pieces of our Christmas present!

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