Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Universal Christmas part 3, and the temple

Here are some random pictures in Toon Town. Everyone wanted to "fly" behind marmaduke. Chris thought everyone could read his thoughts.
And I didn't get a picture of it, but a few of us went on a raft ride. It was a cool day and we got soaking wet. Since we were already shivering and teeth-chattering, we went on another log ride, and then the Jurassic Park waterfall ride. Luckily we had a few dry shirts to pass around, Chris shared his sweater with Ashley, I had a little sweater, and Josh pulled off his dry long-sleeved tshirt for Ethan to wear (josh didn't go on any water rides, so his top-layer shirt was nice and toasty).

Ashley and Josh and I shivered in the night air as we waited for Chris and Ethan to go on the Spiderman ride. We decided to get a hot chocolate while we waited, but it only kept us warm for a few minutes.
Before we left, Ethan really wanted to do Dr. Doom's Fear Fall, but Chris and I were both feeling dizzy and motion sick (we're so old!). So our skinny pre-teen walked down that dark hallway all by himself to ride a scary ride he'd never been on before. For being a meek kid, he's sure brave. And for being such a dare-devil, Josh sure doesn't like scary rides.
Even though Josh had carried around the brochure for Islands of Adventure for at least a month, and talked about it all the time to everyone, everywhere, he decided he didn't love this Christmas present too much.
But everyone else did. And I'm glad we got to share it with Rachel's family, too! 
When we got back to Rachel's place, everyone showered to get warm, then we ate pizza and watched Turbo. It was a fun night with cousins.
 The next day before heading back home, we all stopped at the temple. It was closed, but the kids liked walking around and looking at everything. I guess they have a small temple in Oklahoma, so they thought ours was nice and big. 


  1. Looks like a fun time! I can't believe how tall A is getting!!!! And I still love your hair :).

    1. I know! And Ethan was taller than Rachel. Crazy.