Thursday, January 30, 2014

don't trust your mother...

So, as you likely know, we all had a severe bout of whatever it was that we had: My Dr. said it was bronchitis (mixed with mild asthma), Ethan's Dr. said it was allergies (but he had an ear infection, so they gave him antibiotics anyway), and Ashley's Dr. said it was just a cold that wouldn't go away. Yes, we each had to see different doctors at different times, and even though we had nearly the exact same cough for the exact same length of time, but we each had something different...?

Anyway, I had tons of my own and other people's medications to keep track of. And my brain was fogged up from not being able to breathe for nearly an entire month, and coughing non-stop (which should have given me abs of steel, but whatever.).

So, the other day, I wondered why Ethan's 10-day antibiotic still had a million pills left in the jar when it had clearly been over 10 days since he started. Then I read the label. TWO pills a day for ten days. In my brain-missing stupor, I'd been giving him one pill a day.

Ethan asked why I'd been giving him the wrong dose, and I told him he shouldn't put blind trust in other people, including his mother, and should always study out the truth for himself. Read the label with his own two eyes. Then I thought that sounded like appropriate life advice, not just for antibiotic use.

Too bad this advice was coming from someone with a medicated brain cloud, who couldn't figure out how to unlock the deadbolt on the front door the other day.

Glad that cloud has lifted. Ethan can probably trust me again...

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