Monday, January 13, 2014

The year of change...

We started our year with a nice bit of peace-of-mind. Chris landed the job we hoped for, and they did the whole process early enough that we are able to enjoy our last semester in The Swamp without all the worry of will we have a job in a few months, and what will we do if we don't have a job in a few months?...
We also started our year with some good food.
A friend from church, who also lives in our village, brought us a gift from her road trip to see family over the holidays. She'd stopped in New Orleans and brought us some Beignet Mix (french doughnuts) from Cafe Du Monde. That's all totally fun to say, not to mention fun to eat.

And It was fun to start the New Year by seeing Old Friends! The Ross family that used to live in the apartment below us a few years ago came to town, and the kids had fun reconnecting. Especially the brainy boys, Zane and Ethan, who debated for two days straight about important matters such as which Lego's are more "rare" and which Wii games are the best.
I stole this picture from Michelle's blog because when I had my camera with me, I forgot to use it. And when she took this picture, I forgot my camera.
Also, Josh decided he's a ninja. And yes, he went out in public like this. His mother must be so proud.

Our year started out with almost everyone (except Ninja Josh) feeling sick with a terrible chest/head cold (which was not a change from the way we ended 2013...), but this will definitely be a year of big changes.

*Josh will get baptized
*We'll move across the country again for a new job
*Ethan will start his second "first year" of middle school (since 6th grade is still in elementary school in UT)
*Ashley will join the ranks of the double-digits on her next birthday
*I will officially become middle-aged
*Chris will be SOOOOO busy and stressed out teaching a class, finishing his dissertation, and starting a new job.

Can't wait to see how the new year unfolds!

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