Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a decade of sweet ashee-nut

One of the things Ashley wanted for her birthday last week was roller blades. So she opened them on the morning of her birthday, before school, in hopes that she could come right home and skate the afternoon away. She was bummed when it rained all afternoon and evening after school. 
Her birthday also fell on the same day as our ward's Chili Cookoff. She was kind of bummed about that, too. She loves chili, but it wasn't her very own special day. But she chose for us to go anyway.
 We didn't bring any chili, but I brought a large sheet cake so that everyone could have a slice. She was happy to have me bring a birthday cake, but was bummed that she only got one tiny piece.
But everything was made right when everyone sang happy birthday to her. Then it was her very own special day again, despite the rain and the small piece of cake. When we got home we skyped with the grandparents so they could sing happy birthday, and Chris's mom got to watch Ashley open the presents she sent: A rainbow loom and a million rubberbands to go with it! It was a dream come true.

The next day was filled with rubber bands and rollerblading. I stuck on Chris's giant hockey skates and tried to show her how to balance and turn. It was nice to hangout with her.

We also went and bought a delicious small cake so she could blow out candles and have a bigger slice of her cake. 
 We're sure glad this little girl came to our family. She brings such a sweet spirit to our home and we love our Ash-a-lee.

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  1. Ash-a-lee is such a cute girl! I want my girls to be more like her! Happy Birthday, Ashley!