Saturday, February 15, 2014

a little love for v-day

 Ashley is so organized when it comes to making valentines for her class. She had them all chosen and signed several weeks early, and had to be patient because I wouldn't let her stick the candy on until the day before her class valentine party (due to the fact that we live in The Swamp and may or may not have bugs occasionally).
 She made this card for us and left it in our room to surprise us. Looking at the hearts on the card, I wonder who she loves more?...
As you can see, Josh isn't as organized in his valentine's process. He was pretty mad at first that we made him write the names of his classmates on the cards, because it would take all day (shed a tear or two)! But when he was finished he said he felt good inside because he did something nice for other people.

We had a mellow valentine's day, nothing fancy. We had greek pizza and watched Despicable Me 2, which went surprisingly well with the holiday since it was all about falling in love. Our village bought little boxes of chocolates they offered to deliver on valentines day. The kids were thrilled to have someone knock on our door and give us chocolates (some loving neighbors sent us some, too!). It was an all-around good day.

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