Thursday, February 20, 2014

josh's secret life as an object lesson

Our home teacher asked if he could use Josh in his college class presentation the other day. He was giving a 5 minute speech on bike maintenance, and thought he could get the "awwww" factor with a cute little boy and his bike.
 This picture is blurry, but I was afraid to take another one because my camera sounded so loud in the quiet room. But Brother Jolley got the reaction he wanted. When Josh walked into the room, all the girls said, "awwwww!" and when Josh said anything, the college girls giggled. And when Josh gave Brother Jolley a high five before we left, the girls said, "awwwww!"
  Josh was nervous but excited going to a college class. When it was over, he said, "That was fun!" So I guess he likes being an object lesson and having girls "awwww" all over him.

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