Sunday, February 2, 2014

medieval faire

 I had the opportunity to chaperon Ethan's middle school field trip last week. We went to a medieval festival, since they just finished learning about that time period in history. I had a great group of 5 boys (three of them were triplets!) and a girl (who was efficient at making sure we were doing things in a timely manner so as to not miss the bus ride home).
 The sights and sounds and smells were amazing. Shiny things being sold, live musicians wandering around, and handsome knights in shining armor fighting with swords. All of the shop keepers were in costume, and they seemed to enthusiastically enjoy educating people on whatever it was they were selling.

 This ring wraith caught me taping him, and marched up to me, then put his long metal fingers on my head, bent over, and began to breathe in that creepy-wraith-way in my ear. It was great :)
Here's a glimpse into our day at the faire (for some reason, my video edited really low quality, but it will do for now...)

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