Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the magic of disney and blog books

 Ashley got some kind of a stomach bug this weekend, and a nice high fever to go with it. I stayed home from church on Sunday to take care of her since Chris had to teach and I didn't. In the evening, some wonderful friends stopped by to bring us cupcakes and hang out with us for a while.

Josh immediately pulled a game from our game box and made Austin play. Austin was kind and played several games, which thrilled Josh because nobody ever plays when he asks.

Ashley stayed in her room for a while, then came out looking much less feverish. Along with the cupcakes, Asia also brought a mix CD of Disney songs. We stuck it in and Ashley perked right up as Asia, Ashley and I sang along. She seemed almost back to normal. After Asia and Austin left, she started to wilt again, and so I played part of the CD again, and her eyes lit up. She was perfectly content until she finally went to sleep.

The next day she was pretty much all better, and she told Chris she was healthy because of the magic of Disney.
This is what made me happy this week: Our blog book came! It's beautiful, and the kids love looking through our blog books, remembering things that happened last year. I enjoyed putting it together slowly over this past year (so I didn't have to sit in a chair for three days straight putting it all together at once, like what happened last year.), and have been pleased with the quality of my Blurb books. It's a bit of an expense, but totally worth it.

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