Friday, March 21, 2014

a bunch of mormon youth out causing mischief...

Our combined Young Men/Young Women activity last Wednesday night was to paint the graffiti wall. This wall is so cool, it goes on for about a half a mile and anyone can paint on it anytime, so it changes daily.
Ethan is now in the Young Men's program, but Ashley's not 12 yet so she just had to come with me to hang out, since Chris in charge of Josh's cub scout group at the church. Her options were: hang out with a bunch of crazy cub scouts, or paint a wall with less-crazy teenagers...You can see it wasn't a hard choice.
We made it to the wall a few minutes early, so I took a couple of pictures of the kids.
When the youth finally arrived, everyone decided to paint the "6 B's" from {this} talk by President Hinkley. We assigned everyone a word and they got to put their own personal touch on it.
Luckily some graffiti artist before us had left a huge bucket of blue paint and some new rollers laying on the sidewalk, so we were able to cover an entire portion of the wall for our own use. You can see in the picture above that Ashley misspelled Prayerful (kind of cute), but luckily with the roller and paint it was easy to start over.
 We had enough time after painting the "6 B's" that one of the girls decided to paint a giant CTR symbol.
 It was a fun activity with a bunch of great teenagers. As we were cleaning up, a guy on a bike stopped to ask us where the 6 B's came from and what CTR meant. My kids thought that was pretty cool, that their words could possibly make a difference in someone's life.

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