Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can you dig it...again?

Last year we finally decided to brave the crowds and go check out our museum's Can You Dig It event on geology. It was so much fun we didn't want to miss it this year. Most of the things were the same as last year, but the kids loved it anyway.
 Josh and Ashley did a little cake "drilling" with a clear straw to get samples deep inside the earth. They also did plate tectonics with Oreo cookies. This was a popular table.
 Ethan brought a pocket full of rocks to ask the experts what the rocks were. He already knew this was a geode, so it wasn't a big surprise :)
 It was kid heaven -- it seems pretty universal that kids love rocks, and each table gave away shiny, colorful rocks. Everyone came home with at least four unique stones.
 One of our favorite things is still this sandbox. when you dig deep, it creates water. When you pile the sand up, it makes a snow-tipped mountain. So cool. Here's a video we took last year: (link)
 This guy had a cool experiment about tides. When the buckets of water were up high, the tide comes in. When the buckets are lowered the tide goes out. And the Lego people get to enjoy the beach!
 Ethan made a tsunami by pulling up and pushing down on the stick.
 Josh got to make waves by moving that stick back and forth.
I love activities that are fun and help us all learn something at the same time. We'll miss Can You Dig It!

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