Friday, March 14, 2014

My family's favorite movie...

My family loves to watch this movie of themselves. Nobody else probably wants to watch it besides us and maybe a grandma and grandpa or two, but here are a few highlights of this video broken down by minutes:

5:10 -- Ashley says her ponytails exploded.
12:00 -- a christmas nativity
24:35 -- the kids make me a meal in their tent
28:57 -- Ethan sings in a "Man Voice"
30:00 -- after Ethan sings in a Man Voice, Ashley sings, and is sad that Ethan interrupts her song with his Man Voice.
41:55 -- Josh's first birthday cake. He shoves it all in his mouth at once, and then the poor boy sits and eats a plate while Chris video tapes and nobody helps him eat more cake for a while.
50:00 -- Ashley does ballet (she says, "we're not supposed to stomp in the house!" and then her angry ballet face is funny) (but please don't mind my singing along. We played this ballet video a lot...I know all the words.)
52: 00  -- Ethan has some rad dance moves, dude.

It's funny when I watch this, I can't figure out why I always felt stressed out and tired as a mom with three little kids. They're all so sweet! Those little voices melt my heart, and those chubby, kissable cheeks. Man I miss them. But I didn't video tape all the other times when they were fighting and when they were like, "mommy. mommy. mommy. mommy..." all day and night.

Even though I miss these guys as babies, I am beyond happy with where we are now. Pre-teens are the best. Most of the time. Except when they are fighting and when they're like, "mom. mom. mom. mom. mom..." all day and night. ;)

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  1. Awwww, look at those little kids. Why do they grow up so fast?! I think I'll just keep having babies cause I love them so much :) Ha! But I think that I know what you are talking about the pre-teens. I am looking forward to that stage. I think Emma is almost there, BUT some days she starts showing her attitude and I think that she might skip over the pre-teen stage and jump into a teen right away. With my luck especially :)