Thursday, March 27, 2014

temple sunset

We had a Tuesday night temple trip with the youth a few days ago. One of my favorite things in the world is stepping out the main doors of the temple feeling refreshed and happy, and looking around at the stunning world we live in. It doesn't matter what season we're in, or which temple we've been to, everything looks better after spending time inside our beautiful temples.

I have to add a little paragraph about our small miracle that happened that night. I was riding in the bishop's car, and when we arrived at the temple, he walked around and looked at his tires. A light had come on in his dashboard that said his tire was low, and it was a light he said he always ignored. He backed up slowly and we heard a "ssssssssss" from the back passenger tire. A nail was in the traction, and it was losing air fast. Unfortunately, the bishop didn't have a spare tire.

The other man in our car, Brother Cooper, told the bishop he'd drive the car to a tire place so the bishop could go with the youth. As he drove away, the tire was looking dangerously low. We hoped he'd find a place quickly. When Brother Cooper showed up a little while later, we were surprised to see him so soon. He later told us that he pulled up to a tire shop and the man inside said there were several cars in front of the bishop's and that he was supposed to close up shop 15 minutes earlier. Brother Cooper asked what the man recommended. The tire was totally flat and there wasn't a spare tire to get somewhere else. The kind man immediately took the car in and fixed it for free.

To me it was a sweet small miracle that 1.) the bishop paid attention to that light on the dashboard, and 2.) there was a shop nearby that was still open and would willingly fix the tire even though it was an inconvenience.
Most of the Young Women couldn't make it that night, but it was a wonderful evening anyway. Ethan found 15 family names to take to the temple on I'm proud of him for being excited about finding his "cousins" and exploring our family history.

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  1. What a neat post. Good job, Ethan, on finding your cousins. I miss you all! Wish you could come down to visit our new temple!