Monday, April 7, 2014

a little church cleaning and velcro wall jumping

 Each week, members are assigned to help clean the church building. Last Saturday was our family's day. My kids love when it's our turn to clean the church -- I think they enjoy washing windows and using the vacuum, but more than that, I think they just love doing service for something they love so much.
 After we cleaned the church, we went to buy a new computer screen (ours was pretty much nearly dead. We had to beat it up to get it to work right) and then headed to the village's annual Spring Fling.

The kids' favorite thing was the Velcro wall.

 This is as high as Josh could get on his own. The suit was too big and awkward for him to jump very high and, and once he was stuck, his arms weren't long enough to unstick himself. So Chris came and tossed him high up onto the wall.
We stayed for about an hour, then headed home to watch General Conference. Such amazing, uplifting talks and such an amazing, uplifting day :)


  1. Oh Gaylene, you guys have so much fun together! I cannot wait till the time we can all enjoy doing things together. I mean we love it, but we still have things like pooping in pants, puking or screaming get in a way to truly enjoy stuff :)

  2. It's been nice. Sometimes I miss those sweet little voices and chubby cheeks, but most days I'm pretty content to be past the diapers and tantrums. Now we have hormone roller coasters to look forward to in the next few years!