Thursday, April 17, 2014

family is everything

While my parents and sister's family were still in town for Josh's baptism, we got to hang out and have some fun. The kids got free rides at the hotel, which for some reason didn't seem to be included in any of the other guests reservations. Nobody else got free rides but us!
Everyone wanted to swim in the hotel pool, and the chilly water didn't seem to deter any of the kids too much. But it did deter me.
 The only way to get to and from the pool was either through the restaurant, the bar, or the exercise room and then the bar. Strange set up when you have we kids wandering around people who are trying to eat.
We also got free rides in the elevator. It's more exciting than it looks when 13 people pile into a small space.
 Then we walked over to the art museum to look at the Japanese garden, but the museum was closed. So we headed over to the natural history museum, but they were closing in about 15 minutes, so we looked at the exhibits super fast as we ran through the building.
After that, we decided to hang out at a playground and get some pizzas. The kids wore themselves out for a few hours before bed time, and made some good memories with the cousins. Like my little grandma always said, "family is everything!" (you can see it written on Ethan's shirt in the museum picture)

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