Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Josh had a birthday, shout hooray!

Josh has been really into learning about super heroes lately -- where they came from, what their powers are, and who they fight. Uncle Brett cut out a bunch of masks off the Cheerio's boxes and sent them to Josh, who immediately became green lantern.

One reason we can't wait to get back out west is that we miss those big cousin birthday parties. Josh has never really had one, but that doesn't stop him from planning everything out. The night before his birthday, he kept reminding me to hang the happy birthday sign on the wall. And also that he wanted Golden Grahams for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and pancakes for dinner (just like last year).

Also, he decided that we would hold his party at the exact hour he was born -- 10:05 a.m.
Good thing it wasn't a school day...
 We decided to make a Super Josh cake with key-lime green frosting and a red "J" logo. He couldn't blow out the candles all at once, so I'm not sure if his wishes will come true.
One of his grandma's sent Josh a notebook of paper (Josh goes through a lot of paper and tape) with a scavenger hunt inside -- he had to flip through and find the money and stickers throughout the book.  

 He'd told his other grandma he wanted a Lego watch, and she discovered there are about a million different kinds of Lego watches. Since he was still talking about how funny Batman was in The Lego Movie, she decided to get him a Batman watch. He's in love. 
The best thing about turning 8 is that Josh will be baptized this upcoming weekend! He's been learning about baptism at church in his primary class, and at our Family Home Evenings, and has been so excited that it's finally his turn.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Josh!!! And Gaylene, all of your kids will be all baptized soon! How cool is that?! :)