Friday, May 23, 2014

a trip in a glass bottomed boat

The other day I was itching to do something interesting, but didn't know what. Chris decided we should head over to Silver Springs and ride in the glass bottomed boat.
This is an old boat that's been there since the Spanish ruled Florida. There was also an indian dugout canoe, and some deep 80-feet crevices, and some old statues. The deeper the water, the bluer and brighter it gets (which is so weird -- my brain tells me it should get murkier and darker. Good thing my brain isn't in charge...) 
We also saw a lot of cool "nature" during the boat ride. Some turtles with their legs in the air, and a  huge tree with what seemed like a hundred birds in nests all over it.
Hollywood used the springs a lot back in the day because the water is so clear. Here are the statues from the movie I Spy (which I've never heard of, but now I need to watch it). They left them in the springs and now they are covered in moss. 
 Another view from the boat. It's like what you imagine the Garden of Eden to look like. Minus the millions of annoying love bugs.
You can see the bright blue and green sections in the water, even from the surface. Glad we took the time to go see another amazing place before we move in a few months. We also went for a hike after this, but I'll post those pictures later. My computer is being extra slow this week.

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