Thursday, May 15, 2014

if everyone else is doing it...

 The kids have been asking for about a month now if they could swim in our pool, but we were always too busy, or it was too rainy, or they had nasty colds. They told me, "We're the only kids in the entire village who haven't been swimming yet." I'm not sure where that statistic came from, but finally the day was warm and the kids weren't too sniffly, so we headed to the pool. Chris doesn't really like swimming, so he took a few pictures.
Too bad Ashley didn't get her lets up in the air in time for the picture. Ethan's long legs make me laugh, he's so tall, he can hardly get his legs up in the shallow end.

Even though we only swam for about an hour, the kids were happy to get it out of their system and not be the only kids in the village who haven't been swimming in our pool.

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  1. Oh I am so jealous you got to hang out at the pool! Though I am not much of a water person and once in summer is enough for me. :)