Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Lewis & Clark, Clark & Lewis

 This morning Ashley's grade put on a production of Lewis & Clark (or is it Clark and Lewis -- that's the deep and meaningful question throughout the play), and she was a Native American, just like Ethan was {here}.
 You can see her on the very back row with a big yellow feather sticking out of the top of her head.
She didn't get a speaking part like she hoped she would, but she is such a sweetheart, she was just happy for her friends who did get bigger parts. I love this girl <3 And I'm glad she was able to use part of Ethan's costume from when he was in the play so we didn't have to come up with an explorer costume.
Now I can't get Wayfaring Stranger (which is one of the songs they sing in the play) out of my head. It might be stuck there for days, the same way it was two years ago when Ethan was in 4th grade. So I'll share it here, and you can get it stuck in your head, too :)

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