Saturday, June 21, 2014

a few random things

 Josh has been obsessed lately with listening to Life is a Highway and Real Gone from the Cars soundtrack. Over and over and over. Since nobody else wants to hear it, he puts headphones on and sings as loud as he can. At least once a day. And shouts when he needs to talk to us while he listens.
 Now that the kids are out of school, they are climbing the walls looking for something to do. At least they are safely doing it in helmets.
 The village ripped out our old play ground a while ago, and finally put in a new one. They kids really miss the old one, but think the new one is kind of cool, too. One thing that's fun about living in our village is that they make a big deal out of everything. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony, with bright blue cupcakes and chips and drinks.
 These aren't my pictures. I stole them off of facebook. But I forgot my camera and there were a few shots of my kids that I wanted to keep. :)
 At least if they need to climb the walls, they can do it outside again, and not in the apartment.

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