Monday, June 23, 2014

I forgot...

I was going to put these pictures on my blog last week, but I guess I'm easily distracted. Here's what the kids gave Chris for Father's Day:
 Breakfast in Bed. I don't think we've ever done this for Chris before, and he wasn't a big fan. I kind of did it as a joke because the kids always shove me back into bed on Mother's Day so they can bring me breakfast. It's a little weird eating in bed by yourself while everyone else eats in the kitchen.
 They all made cards. Some were a little more well-thought out than others were. I'll let you decide whose card I'm talking about...
 In Josh's card, he really thinks Chris needs to take a break from teaching, so Chris is ripping up his presentation, and having a good time doing it.
 Ashley wrote and illustrated a book about all the things that describe her dad.
 And Ethan pulled out some scratch paper and quickly drew a few mountains. But he did write in cursive, which makes any card look fancy and expensive.
For Chris's real father's day gift, we went to the temple and he stopped at an LDS bookstore to buy himself the ultimate John Bytheway collection. I didn't know Chris was a fan, but it was fun to listen to the talk Turn off the TV and Get a Life on the way home from the temple. The kids laughed at all his jokes and were touched by the serious stuff in between the laughter. They didn't really want to watch much TV last week after hearing this talk. I guess I'm a fan, now, too!

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  1. All the cards are awesome! I so enjoy children's drawings and little cards. And I am with you on the breakfast in bed thing. It made me laugh because I feel the same way. :)