Thursday, June 12, 2014

We've got our own World Cup goin' on here

On most days you can find Ashley and Juan Diego (from Ecuador) playing soccer outside our apartment for a little while (Ethan is apparently the ref in this game -- he said he's not just being lazy). Sometimes Josh and Ethan kick the ball around with them, too.
Once in a while the little boy who lives below us, who is from Nepal (I think?), comes out to play, along with his dad. And occasionally our friends from Nigeria come play, too. And a time or two we've even had the guy in charge of the villages (from France, I think?) stop and join the game with his little boy.
When Ashley was little, she would dance around the ball and cheer her soccer team on, but she was afraid to get in there and kick the ball. She's become pretty brave over the last few years, I guess, because sometimes she even wins a game -- and Juan Diego is really good!

I'm glad his mom caught one of these small games on camera and passed them on. Having our own World Cup every day is something we'll definitely miss when we leave The Swamp.

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