Monday, July 28, 2014

picnic in the rain under a big old tree

After we visited the church and hotel, we took a walk along a lake trail to see a giant tree.

 There's nothing better than seeing a handsome man wearing a winnie the pooh backpack in public while holding hands with his daughter :)
  The roots of the giant kapok tree near the Flagler Museum dwarf the kids. According to {this} short article, the tree was planted in 1887. That's one big old tree!
We started our picnic under the massive branches, but it rained too much and we had to move under the awning of the nearby church, where mosquitoes ate us up as we finished our sandwiches and crackers. 
When the rain paused for a minute, we went out to explore the church's gardens. You can see the giant roots in the background, behind the fountain.
After posing like greek gods near the fountain, we ran back to our car as the lightning and thunder rolled in. The joys of hurricane season!

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