Friday, August 1, 2014

some free skating amid the packing

My kids got some free skating coupons from school at the end of the year, and have been begging for months to use them. I kept putting it off until I realized we're moving in a few weeks and time has run out. So before our packing became too serious, we decided to use those coupons.
Josh has never been skating before this, and I was surprised at how quickly he caught on. 
 Our school coupons were better than the coupons we got from the library summer reading incentives. We got to skate two hours before other people showed up. We had the place practically to ourselves.
 Before long, Josh didn't need any help, and was trying to do things the other good skaters were doing. I had to remind him he had to practice and learn how to be a better skater before he could do those tricks.
 It was pretty hot, and the drinking fountain water was warm and metallic, so we decided to cool off with a slushee. We passed it around the table in an orderly fashion until it was gone.
 We all liked skating so much I might have to think about getting some kind of membership to a skating rink after we move. It's the kind of exercise that doesn't feel like exercise, just fun.

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