Wednesday, September 10, 2014

stake fiesta and a big moon

 Our stake had a fiesta last Friday night, with games and pinatas and a delicious dinner.
 The weather was perfect, and Josh especially liked playing games and winning prizes.
 For whatever reason, Ethan just wanted to get tied up with a long rope.
 Ashley and Josh got their picture taken in costumes. They chose a "museum" background.
 There was an amazing latin dance company that came to show us traditional dances from various countries.
 Chris and Brett dressed up for the occasion. Josh played his little guitar for us.
So I took this picture of the moon to see how close my camera could zoom. It's a "meh" picture. Later, after we left the fiesta (and just to make me jealous, I'm sure...), my dad used his brand new camera (which is just like mine except with a better zoom) and took THIS picture of the moon:
It worked. I'm jealous :)
I tried to talk him into trading, but he said, "no way, jose!" Anyway, he needs it so he can take some amazing pictures in Japan with that new camera to send back home to us.

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