Friday, September 12, 2014

stinky great salt lake

The other day Chris wanted to take the kids somewhere they've never been before, so we headed out to the Great Salt Lake.
we went into the gift shop inside the Saltair pavilion and bought the traditional salt water taffy (which is supposedly made from salt from the Great Salt Lake...Mmmmm...). Then the kids wanted to pose in front of the building like Chris and I did when we were dating.
 Then we walked. and walked. and walked. aaaand walked to get to the water. I couldn't believe how desolate it was out there. Beautiful Desolation. The water was so low, the salty dirt went on forever.
 The kids were scared to get their feet wet (the air was really really really stinky that day, and there were brine flies everywhere). Chris dared them to walk out to that little island and he'd get them a frosty mug at A&W, but they refused. So I led the way.
 The island was like quicksand and my feet got buried within a few seconds.
 Chris dared them to go out to an even farther island. I guess kids will do anything for root beer.
 The water was so salty (apparently when it's low it's as salty as the dead sea), it stung any cuts we had, and made our legs and feet itch.

 The kids found some brine shrimp. It was pretty exciting.
 Here's a poster in the gift shop warning us about brine shrimp sharks. Thankfully we weren't attacked.
 Just to show how desolate it is in that stinky, salty place, these piles in the dirt are all dead birds. I guess you can see this sad little graveyard whenever the lake is low at the end of the summer.
 As promised, Chris got all of us frosty mugs at A&W. But his was the biggest...


  1. Hi, Chris and Gaylene.

    It's so great to see you and your family after all these years.

    Just think if you both hadn't worked for West Valley City ...

    Glad to see you having fun adventures! Take care!


    1. Thanks Ted! It was fun to find your blog and see your crazy California adventures, too :)