Monday, October 13, 2014

conference weekend and Hickman's Bridge

 I forgot my camera, so these are all cell phone pictures. But over General Conference Weekend, we invited my brother's family to join us at the cabin for a fun weekend. On the drive there, I told my brother about a police car that always had a dummy inside it. When we spotted it, he wanted to get out and take a picture. A real officer drove by and laughed and waved at us as we admired the dummy.
 Chris and Ethan went to a (losing) BYU football game, so they came up the next morning. But I took my brother's family to see a few sights. We checked out some amazing petroglyphs, as well as the gorgeous canyons, beautiful sunshine, and a huge natural arch.
 Brandon was sweet, and tried to hold Josh's hand in some of the scarier parts. Below, Ashley was bowing to Josh, I guess because sitting on a big rock made him a king.

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  1. Oh I am jealous for so many reasons :) Beautiful pictures, Gaylene!